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Choose any of the options from either or both the Reiki and/or Counselling and Guided Meditation Menus  to order up your ideal session!

Prices: An hour reiki, counselling or guided meditation session is 70 + hst and 60 + hst for people with a low income.

Reiki session: Stephanie offers one on one sessions. Choose a 60 or 90 minute session. 
Dual Reiki Session: Stephanie joins another practitioner to give you a more powerful healing. Twice as much can be accomplished in an hour. Currently it is the same price as a regular session!

Hand Scan: A technique for assessing the energy field to determine areas to focus on in the healing.

Aura Clearing: A method for removing diseased energy and emotions from the aura. It also clears toxins that are left from drug or alcohol addiction, which aids recovery. 

Micro Crystal Method: The use of a crystal to assess and heal areas that are diseased or injured e.g. a limb, organ, eye or tumour.

Toning: The practitioner sings the notes of the scale to balance or clear the chakras.

Lords of Karma Method (from Diane Stein): Approaching the Council to request a shift in our personal blueprint for improvement of difficult and repetitive issues e.g. abusive relationships and illness.

Cord Cutting: Cutting karmic cords from toxic relationships e.g. sexual trauma/abuse, negative romantic or controlling familial connections.

The Reiki Haircut: A crystal technique for micro-assessing and balancing the brain. 

Re-attunements: People who have previously completed the Reiki 1, 2, or the Masters course can get re-attuned. The session includes one traditional attunement. People can also opt for a Reiki Session followed by the attunement.

Re-attunement - $35 + hst, or $30 + hst for low income.

Re-attunement with a 1 hour Reiki session - $100 + hst or $90 for low income

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