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Psychic Development Course 

Intuition is really another word for spiritual connectionYou can get answers to your questions if you know how to ask and listen!

Course Outline:

  • Where does intuition come from e.g. spirit guides, angels etc.
  • How to clear and protect yourself and your space
  • How to formulate questions to get clear answers
  • The 5 intuitive pathways: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance, and dreams
  • How are you intuitive already
  • How to open each pathway
  • Which pathways are more accurate and how to tell if your message is true or false (i.e. discernment) 
  • Methods to connect with spirit guides, angels, and spiritual masters 
  • How intuition can be applied: prediction/advice, crime solving, spiritual connection, psychological insight, scientific discovery/invention, and artistic ideas 
  • Keys ways to increase psychic development
  • Practice readings in class with magazine and squiggle method, the inner scan, automatic writing and tuning in
  • More techniques: envelope method, chair technique, meditation and crystals
  • Experience four meditations to increase intuition by clearing your 3rd eye, ear, heart and crown chakras
  • View videos about mediumship, connecting with a spirit guide, pet communication and psychic art

For a detailed description about the course click here.

Dates: Saturdays Dec 15th and 22, 11:30 am to 3 pm
Saturdays Dec 22 and 29, 11:30 to 3 pm
Saturdays Jan 5 and 12, 11:30 am to 3 pm
Sundays Jan 6 and 13, 11:30 am to 3 pm

Course dates are also booked by request.

Length: 7 hours

Location: All women's courses are at Bathurst and Eglinton and coed courses are booked at various locations, depending on availability including Spadina and Bloor, Yonge and Lawrence, Spadina and Dundas and Eglinton and Avenue Rd.  .

Group Course Price: $150 + hst or $140 + hst for low income. The price includes a handout. We accept cheques, e-transfer, money orders, or PayPal. Deposits can also be mailed. Space is limited to six people. Paying a deposit will reserve your seat. People can also just add their name to the RSVP list here

Private Course Price: $70/hr plus hst, $60/hr for low income and $50/hr for people on OW/ODSP (slip must be shown).

Bio: Stephanie Norwich is an intuitive through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance and dreams. She holds an M.Ed. degree in counselling from the University of Toronto (OISE) and an Honors BA from York University. She is a Reiki Master, a licensed Holistic Practitioner, and a Canadian Reiki Association registered instructor.

"The Psychic Development Class is the third class I've attended with Stephanie and it was incredibly informative, practical, and fun, as all of her classes are. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of psychic arts and to practice new techniques!" - Katie B. (Toronto)

Psychic Development Course Deposit
The deposit will save your spot.
Price: $30.00

Please note: If the course dates don't work for your schedule, I will do my best to accommodate your availability when planning the next course. Please fill out the form below to let me know about your preferences.

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