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Choose any of the options from the Counselling/Guided meditation Menu and/or the Reiki Menu to order up your ideal session!

Prices: An hour reiki, counselling or guided meditation session is 70 + hst and 60 + hst for people with a low income. 

In person, telephone and Skype/Zoom counselling are available

About Stephanie: Stephanie Norwich holds an M.Ed. degree in counselling from the University of Toronto (OISE) and an Honors BA from York University. She is an eclectic therapist with more than ten years experience offering counselling 

She uses a variety of methods according to people's preferences including: Client Centred Therapy, Narrative, CBT, Solution Focused, Feminist, Relational etc.

A session helps people overcome past experiences,  make decisions,  improve relationships,  increase interpersonal communication skills, build self esteem, discover their life path,  find a soul mate etc. 


Past Life Regression: Experience a meditation to access your past or future lifetimes.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide or Angel: Connect with your spirit guide or angel and ask them questions in the guided meditation.

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These sessions include: how to manifest, goal setting, changing unhelpful beliefs and a guided meditation for manifesting.

Stress Management: Learn various CBT based relaxation methods including: various breathing techniques, body scan, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Emotional Balancing: Learn and experience Focusing to understand and balance your emotions.

Meeting Your Inner Child: The inner child meditation can be experienced on it's own or during a reiki session to heal childhood issues that affect the present. 

Reiki Self Healing: Learn how to do a healing on yourself with creative options including crystals, music, and essential oils.

Meeting Your Soul Family: Meet your original soul family to build identity and wholeness with this guided meditation. 

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