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The Healing Team - Toronto Reiki and Intuitive Courses
Tarot & Tea Reading Course

This course is for beginners who have no experience and also for more experienced readers who want to advance their skills. I teach both traditional and non-traditional methods of card reading and I demonstrate using people's questions and various decks.  

Participants are welcome to use their tarot decks or mine. They will have a choice of the Fairy Deck, Voyager, Rider Waite, Angel deck, Medicine Cards or the Kuan Yin deck. Cards and leaves are a way that we can project our intuitive knowledge about things onto a picture. 

We will practice giving and receiving card and tea leaf readings from each other. Group readings can be even more fun and informative than single reader readings because we all share our insights!  

Topics include: 

• Choosing a tarot deck 
• How to read cards 
• Cards as psychic tools 
• Tarot dos & don’ts  
• Kinds of questions to ask 
• Tarot spreads 
• How to read tea leafs 
• Practice giving tea and tarot readings

Women's Courses

Saturdays Jan 27th and Feb 3rd, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Group Course Price: $90 + hst or $80 + hst for low income. We accept cheques, e-transfer, money orders, or PayPal. Deposits can also be mailed. The price includes a handout. Space is limited to 6 people and the class requires a minimum of 3 reservations to run. Paying a deposit is optional and it will reserve your seat. 
Tarot and Tea Course Deposit
The deposit will save your spot.
Price: $30.00

Private Course Price:  $70 plus hst/hour, or $60 + hst/hr for low income or $50 + hst/hr for people on OW or ODSP (slip must be shown).

Contact: Please feel free to call or email me at 416.531.8061 or

About Stephanie Norwich: Stephanie has a Master of Education in counselling from U of T and an honours BA from York University. She has been teaching psychic development classes for 14 years and reading cards and tea leaves for eighteen. 

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