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Women's Dual Reiki Sessions 

Our sessions are dual, meaning Stephanie works with another practitioner to provide a more powerful healing. A dual session gives the opportunity to accomplish twice as much in the hour and can bring more dramatic results than a regular session led by one practitioner.

The Benefits of Reiki include:
  • Deep relaxation  
  • Emotional balancing
  • Physical healing
  • Pain relief
  • Detoxification
  • Alignment
  • Increased Energy

Please fill out the Reiki Form, scan it and resend it before coming so that your treatment can be planned in advance. 

Contact: For more information or to book your session please call Stephanie at (416) 531-8061 or (647) 669-0497 or email

Price: Sessions are regularly $70/hour + hst. Our low income price is 60/hr +hst and it is 50 + hst for people on OW and ODSP (a copy of the most recent form is required). Reiki is covered by some insurance companies. Save $30 when three sessions are purchased as a package for the regular rate.
Toronto Reiki and Dual Reiki Sessions

About Stephanie

Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed., Reiki Master has 22 years experience combining Reiki and Healing Touch methods along with crystals and other alternative healing techniques. She has been teaching Reiki Certificate Courses for fourteen years.


"Trying something new and different can be a true adventure into learning new techniques to health. Stephanie Norwich is a true REIKI MASTER. Very professional and sensed the areas of my body that were not in sync. I felt warmth or tingling in the areas being treated, even when a non-touching approach was being used. I experienced a state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, and a most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment. Could not believe she picked up on a part of my body that WAS hurting me - my knee.  I highly recommend Stephanie."  -Andee G.

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