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I’m an energy therapist and writer living in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been initiated up to and including the Reiki Master’s and have been practicing energy work for 20 years. I became a certified shiatsu practitioner in 1998 through Vancouver’s Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre and supplemented the course with studies in healing touch, reflexology and ARC therapy, a form of body-centred energy counseling. I’ve practiced shiatsu privately and in a healing centre and taught introductory shiatsu courses and acupressure for self-care. My current healing practice is focused on energy work, which I do both in-person and at a distance. 

Distant Healing Approach 

I embrace a client-centred approach to distant healing work that respects the receiver’s sense of their needs within a session. When conducive for my client, I conduct my sessions over the phone so that the healing can be interactive, and I can receive immediate feedback on my client’s response to the energy. While each session is conducted differently, according to the needs of the receiver, the following is a general outline of what how a session might work: 

After reading a general intake form, I check in with my client to learn about their presenting issue. I ground my client and do an energetic “unruffled” to sooth the field and assess for distress. I then work on specific physical/ emotional areas and/or issues, checking-in with my client through questions about how their emotional/physical issue is shifting. I invite my client to focus while we work and draw upon their intuitive insights. At the same time, I tap into my own intuition and receive input for my clients. I complete the session by grounding my client. 

Price: $65 for a 1 hour telephone session

For more information or to book a session, please contact Marn at or call 604.215.1202. 

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